Rotortrade stands as a trusted global helicopter distributor with a presence spanning five continents. From RT Americas to RT APAC, RT MEA, and RT Europe, our reach extends across key regions including ANZ, Canada, CEE, China, France, KSA, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, UK, and USA.



With extensive experience and a vast network within the helicopter industry, Rotortrade offers a wide selection of exclusive aircraft from all major manufacturers. As the sole global distributor of Leonardo Helicopter Division pre-owned helicopters, Rotortrade brings unparalleled expertise and access to the global market. Whether you're buying or selling, our team is dedicated to facilitating transactions with integrity and professionalism.

Nativewit Technologies proudly presents our collaboration with Rotortrade in developing their mobile application using Flutter, adhering to Agile practices. Our team meticulously crafted the app to match pixel-perfect designs while remaining adaptable to accommodate any necessary modifications.



Ideation and Requirements Scoping:

The process began with ideating and scoping out the requirements of the mobile application. Through close collaboration with Rotortrade, we outlined the functionalities and features necessary to meet their business objectives and user needs.

Design Implementation:

Rotortrade provided pixel-perfect designs, serving as the blueprint for the app's user interface and experience. Our development team meticulously translated these designs into functional elements, ensuring a seamless visual and interactive experience for users.

Agile Development Approach:

Embracing Agile methodologies, we broke down the development process into manageable sprints. This allowed for iterative refinement and adaptation based on feedback from Rotortrade, ensuring that the app evolved in alignment with their vision and requirements.

Timely Delivery and Testing:

Throughout the development process, we provided timely delivery builds to Rotortrade, allowing them to test the app's functionality and provide feedback at each stage. This iterative testing approach ensured that any issues or enhancements were addressed promptly, leading to a polished final product.

End-to-End Development with Firebase:

The backend infrastructure of the Rotortrade mobile app was built using Firebase, providing a robust and scalable solution for data storage, authentication, and real-time updates. This end-to-end development approach ensured seamless integration between the frontend and backend components of the app.


The development of the Rotortrade mobile application was a testament to our commitment to collaboration, innovation, and excellence. By ideating, scoping, and implementing requirements in close partnership with Rotortrade, and leveraging Firebase for backend infrastructure, Nativewit Technologies delivered a high-quality mobile app that met Rotortrade's needs while exceeding user expectations.